Andy Brice

  1. The Dangers of Traffic Turning Left

    Diagram showing potential collision between a bicycle and a car ahead as the car turns left

    Recently, there has been a surge of news coverage about cyclists killed on Britain's roads. Many of these accidents occur when a vehicle turns left across their path. Yet nobody seems to be talking about one of the root causes of this problem: Ambiguity in The Highway Code.

  2. Some Thoughts on HTML5 and Flash

    Flash will be around for a while yet because of its popularity in interactive content production and streaming media.

    But this whole birth-of-HTML5 death-of-Flash thing has got me thinking about historical paradigm shifts in web standards…

  3. Year Clock

    In the past, I have discussed how well Year Clocks illustrate the calendar, and help visualise and conceptualise long time periods. So I decided to make one.

  4. Design in Open Source Software

    Venn diagram describing people who have the skills of both engineers and designers as 'People you really want on your team'.

    I was interested to read this article by Mark Boulton about being a designer working in an open source project.

    Recently, the question of the practice of good design has once again arisen in the open source community…For a long, long time now, there has been friction between designers and developers.

    In my experience, good user experience design is the thing most noticeably missing from open source software – what's needed is designers who understand engineering and engineers who understand design.

  5. Fact of the Day

    Fact of the Day

    Generating utterly spurious, yet vaguely plausible sounding pieces of trivia is something my brain seems to do automatically as a background process most of the time. So I've decided to share it with the world via a new micro-blog on Twitter, @in_actual_fact.