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Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day

Generating utterly spurious, yet vaguely plausible sounding pieces of trivia is something my brain seems to do automatically as a background process most of the time. Occasionally these slip into conversation (I guess you could think of it as humour of sorts) but the irony doesn't always get through, which has been known to lead to misunderstandings.

Comic Strip

As you can imagine, inadvertent deception is not a great foundation for conversations and so I eventually decided I'd better find a safer outlet for these pseudo-facts. At first this took the form of a whiteboard in my family's home, where Fact of the Day was given its title.

Eventually, inspired by the #fact hash tag I decided to share Fact of the Day with the world again, this time via a micro-blog on Twitter, @in_actual_fact. Enjoy… it's guaranteed to be just as accurate as many other trivia web-sites.

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